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EPS - Expanded Polystyrene EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is an insulation material used as the world-wide choice for building insulation due to a greater awareness of, especially global warming. When planning your future home, office or commercial building, the increase in building costs and rising energy costs surely plays a huge roll. With any building structure, there are 3 components to take into account for effective insulation – the floor, walls and roof. Understanding the benefits of EPS can hugely assist in your decision making:

benefits if polystyrene

Benefits of EPS

• EPS is cost effective.
• EPS is easy to transport because of the low weight and easy to install.
• Because it is lightweight it is easy to work with.
• EPS reduces moisture penetration.
and many more...

Wall – why insulate your walls

Wall – why insulate your walls

• The side walls can be accountable for up to 35% of a building’s insulation property.
• Because it carries no weight, the 15DV density is sufficient.
• As in the case of the insulated floor, the insulated cavity wall increases the stability of inside temperature.

Roof – why insulate your roof

Roof – why insulate your roof

• The roof can be accountable for up to 35% of a building’s insulation property.
• Both flat and pitched roof structures can be insulated using EPS.

Other uses for EPS include

Other uses for EPS include:

• Building of cold rooms / refrigeration
• Linings in trailers, caravans, containers (when converted into office space) etc Building Insulation

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